Why Are Some Last Names So Common?

Image of a blank name tags that say HELLO MY NAME IS

Growing up with a rarer (and deceptively simple to pronounce) surname, part of me envied kids who had more common last names – that didn’t get tripped up on during that first day of school’s attendance. But it has made me wonder – why some last names are more common than others. So, I asked … Read more

How Do Family Trees Work with Cousins?

Image of family tree with relatives and people sketch

Some of my best memories growing up involve my cousins. They’re amazing people and I’m lucky they’re part of my family – but where do they fit in my family tree? How do family trees work with cousins? Cousins aren’t traditionally included in a family tree. However, expanded family trees can be built to include … Read more

21+ Best Family Reunion Ideas to Celebrate Family History

Image if a family, with parents, children and grandparents, enjoy a picnic

From what I understand, family reunions can either be huge drains – or can be amazing and enriching experiences. So what are some awesome family reunion activity ideas to help celebrate family history – that are also totally awesome? Celebrating family history can enrich family reunions by adding stories, creating traditions, cooking meals together, or … Read more