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  • 11 Ways to Help Youth Learn to Love Doing Genealogy

    Teaching youth to love things takes a good bit of talent, inspiration, and knowing how to make it relevant. So how do you help youth learn to love doing genealogy and family history? Are there any special tricks to know? To inspire the youth to love genealogy and connect with family, make it fun. Help […]

  • Preserving Family Recipes: How to Do it Safely

    Family recipes bring back memories of good food, family, and all sorts of fun (and crazy) family memories. So when it comes to preserving those family recipes, why preserve them? And how can we do it safely? Family recipes should be preserved to help families connect through food and shared meals. The recipes themselves may […]

  • Family History with Kids: Simple Ways to Make it Fun

    When you’ve got small kids – and you want to get them involved in their family history or genealogy – how do you make family history fun for them? Is it even possible to make family history with kids a fun and enjoyable activity for anyone? Family history can be fun and involve kids of […]

  • 35 Inspiring Family History and Temple Work Quotes

    Looking for something to inspire you to get cracking on your family history and temple work? Here are 35 fantastic family history and temple work quotes to get you going on your genealogy. The best genealogy, family history, and temple work quotes inspire us to do more, learn more, and be better – both as […]

  • What is Family Genealogy? Guide with FAQs

    Recently, someone asked me what family genealogy was. I stumbled for a moment because I thought the obvious answer had to be the wrong one. So, I texted Breanne to confirm the answer. What is family genealogy? Family genealogy is the study of your family’s lineage. A family’s genealogy is more limited than general genealogy, […]

  • How Do I Start Doing Genealogy? A Beginner’s Guide

    When you’re first starting out, genealogy is such a big topic that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. We remember feeling that way at first, too! So how do you start doing genealogy – without getting so overwhelmed you want to quit? To start doing genealogy: Identify a single question or a research goal. Write […]

  • Why Do People Study Genealogy? A Complete Guide

    I know why I study genealogy – and Breanne knows why she does. But we’ve definitely wondered why other people study it, too. So why do people study genealogy? What are all of the possible reasons? People study genealogy for any and all reasons, including education, entertainment, knowledge, understanding, therapy, religious beliefs, unknown reasons, and […]

  • Is Genealogy a Popular Hobby? (Stats, Info, and Comparison)

    I’ve heard that genealogy is the second-most popular hobby of several options. But can it really be the second most popular hobby, if it’s been listed next to several options? Or, for that matter, is genealogy even a popular hobby? Genealogy is a popular hobby for those millions of people who are interested in it. […]

  • Who Studies Genealogy – and Why They Do

    The more time I spend doing genealogy, the more I wonder who else is studying genealogy. Then I can’t help but wonder why others study genealogy. So who studies genealogy – and why are we doing it? People who study genealogy (called genealogists) come from all ages, backgrounds, and areas. While genealogists used to be […]

  • Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    With so many websites out there, it can be confusing wondering where to plant your metaphorical family tree. So I asked Breanne which genealogy site is best – and why. Her answer was a very solid, “It depends.” The best genealogy site depends on your research needs and budget. is the best free option. […]