How Many Generations Until You Are No Longer Related?

Image of three generations of women

Tracing genealogy is a fun thing, but it can bring up some interesting questions – especially in relation to marriages, relation, and potential inbreeding. For example, how many generations until you’re no longer related to someone? The distance (or the number of generations) required before no longer being considered related to someone depends on how … Read more

What is Forensic Genealogy? 5 Things to Know Now

Image of Forensic Genealogy Word Cloud on Blue Background

While genealogy is amazingly cool, the first time I heard that it could be used to find living people and relatives blew my mind. And it made me wonder – what is forensic genealogy? Forensic genealogy studies evidence left by deceased individuals in order to find specific, still-living individuals of interest for various reasons. This … Read more

Genetic Genealogy: a Complete and Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Image of a blackboard with a hand and writing about DNA

Lately, Breanne and I have been studying more about DNA and genetic genealogy. We’re nurses, so we’re suckers for a good, scientific angle. But what exactly is genetic genealogy? And why is it so revolutionary and helpful? Genetic genealogy uses DNA combined with other genealogical evidence to prove ancestral relationships. By combining DNA results with … Read more