About Genealogy Pals

Genealogy Pals is an educational and online resource for all things genealogy and family history. Both can be fun – when you’re doing them with friends. That’s why we’re your genealogy pals – so you can get the information you need and get your questions answered by friends.

We help you learn the joys of family history and genealogy by making it simple, easy-to-understand, and easy to do.

Genealogy Pals

Our Story

We bought this domain and started Genealogy Pals in 2019 after realizing that just talking about genealogy between us wasn’t enough – we wanted to help make genealogy accessible, easy-to-understand, and easy to do. We wanted to share what we’ve learned with the world.

Even so, we realized that there are an awful lot of genealogy and family history questions out there – and we have answers. So, we tapped into our areas of expertise and began this website full of answers and common sense explanations.

Some of what we’ve learned has been through dedicated genealogy and family history classes. Breanne is studying to be a genealogist and Kimberly has taken a genealogy class or two while she was in college.

But we have also learned a great deal by doing and learning on our own. We’ve learned by trial-and-error, asking, and doing. We’re also genealogy geeks, binge-watching family history shows like Relative Race and Who Do You Think You Are?

Our Team

Breanne and Kimberly grew up only a few miles apart – knowing a lot of the same people. They became fast and life-long friends while attending Brigham Young University together.

Breanne and Kimberly at BYU graduation 2007
Breanne and Kimberly at their 2007 graduation from BYU.

Breanne is our genealogy expert. She has attended Roots Tech for years, teaches genealogy webinars for the Brigham Young University Family History Library, and does genealogy for fun. She regularly helps other people with their family history research and loves talking all things genealogy. You can read more about Breanne by clicking right here.

Kimberly is the writer and hobbyist family history buff on the team. She handles most of the writing while relying on Breanne’s knowledge and guidance to do her own genealogy. You can read more about Kimberly by clicking here.

Our Audience is Growing

As of yet, Genealogy Pals is still a growing website. But it is growing – and we’d love you to grow along with us. The best way to do that (for now) is to subscribe to our newsletter.

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