Family History Resources for Young Latter-day Saints

Happy intergenerational muti 3 three generation men family portrait, cute child boy son grandson looking forward think dream of future stand in row with young father and old grandfather, side view

Family history is one of the ways that our prophet has asked us to help gather scattered Israel. That means helping ourselves, our family here on earth, and our family who has died to come to Jesus Christ. As you can imagine, that happens in so many different ways! Keep reading for more ideas on…

How Do You Honor Ancestors? 12 Family History Celebrations

Colorful candles on the cemetery at All Saints Day, Poland

The holidays are all about fun, food, tradition, and family – with family being the most important part. But so that we don’t have to limit celebrating our families during the holidays, let’s expand our horizons. That way, no matter what time of the year it is, we can answer the question: how can we…

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Welcome to Genealogy Pals