How Accurate is Mormon Genealogy?

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Growing up, I assumed that all records were both boring and infallibly correct. As it turns out, not all records are boring – and it’s important to question the validity of every record. How accurate are Mormon records? Mormon genealogy records are based on a shared database, which means there can be errors due to … Read more

Ancestry: How Far Back Do Records Actually Go?

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While indexing isn’t one of my favorite activities, I know it’s important because it creates digital access to vital records. But how far back do ancestry and genealogy records actually go? And how far back can I expect to find genealogy records? The earliest genealogical records are from China in 1500 B.C. European-based records go … Read more

Can Anyone Trace their Lineage Back to the Bible?

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While reading the Bible, I’ll admit – I struggle during the sections where they list all of the genealogies. Even so, it’s cool to think that all of those names could contribute to our genealogical knowledge – if only we could trace a lineage back to them. While there are individuals who claim to trace … Read more

Why Are Some Last Names So Common?

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Growing up with a rarer (and deceptively simple to pronounce) surname, part of me envied kids who had more common last names – that didn’t get tripped up on during that first day of school’s attendance. But it has made me wonder – why some last names are more common than others. So, I asked … Read more

How Do Family Trees Work with Cousins?

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Some of my best memories growing up involve my cousins. They’re amazing people and I’m lucky they’re part of my family – but where do they fit in my family tree? How do family trees work with cousins? Cousins aren’t traditionally included in a family tree. However, expanded family trees can be built to include … Read more