Celebrating Genealogy:  9 Family Tradition Ideas Anyone Can Use

By Genealogy Pals

Focusing on making genealogy a natural part of your family's traditions will help your family develop increased resilience and stability while becoming closer.

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here are some Family Tradition Ideas to celebrate Genealogy

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Celebrate an ancestor's birthday


Have a cake, streamers, a whole party, or even the works to celebrate an ancestor's birthday.



Read your kids the bedtime stories you read when you were a kid

Did you have a favorite book or story as a kid? Read those to your kids for bedtime.


Make, keep, and celebrate holiday traditions


What are your family's favorite foods, books, songs, or whatever else on a specific holiday? Keep using those - and talk about how long they've been a tradition in your family.

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Eat breakfast casserole on Sundays or special occasions. Let  the birthday person pick their favorite meal for dinner.


Foods (on special occasions or just because)


Celebrate holidays from your family's heritage or traditional countries

Either celebrate holidays in countries that your family is from or incorporate that country's traditions into a shared holiday.


Go watch the Disney/Pixar movie Coco. Don't forget tissues while you're learning about this amazing cultural celebration of family past and present. Then, consider celebrating your own family next Día de Los Muertos.

DÍa de Los Muertos



Important milestones

Create special celebrations or activities for graduations, marriages, completing a school year, losing a tooth, etc. Make it fun! For ideas #8 and #9, read the article!