Ways to Help Youth Learn to Love Doing Genealogy

By Genealogy Pals

To inspire the youth to love genealogy and connect with family,  make it fun.

Here are 5 of 11 ways to help the youth learn to love doing family history and genealogy - see the other 6 in the article.


Genealogy and family history teach us to think beyond ourselves. It teaches us to think of strangers.

Teach the Youth Why Genealogy Matters - to Them

And then, because we're thinking first of others, we become kinder, more compassionate, and more Christlike.

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The next way to get youth excited about genealogy is to ask them why genealogy even matters - and why it matters to them.

Ask the Youth: Why Does Genealogy Matter?


Go Over the Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Genealogy


Doing genealogy gives us an increased sense of connection, a sense that our families can cope with life, and a sense of resiliency via our family's narrative.

Ask the Youth: What Do You Want to Know About Your Family History?


Help the youth connect to those who came before - so that they can find the answers they're looking for - even if they can't verbalize the entire question just yet.


Having Family (and Family History) Gives Our Youth a Living Support Network

We may have had to go back 8 or more generations to find the connection - but it was amazing to watch the youth's eyes light up as they looked at each other and realized that they had family in the room.


Here are Other Ways to Help Youth Learn to Love Doing Genealogy

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Genealogy Connects Hearts and Friends

Find an Ancestor in a Big Historical Moment that Interests You

How Family History Gives our Youth Angelic Support from Beyond

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Genealogy Helps the Youth Know Who They Are - and Where They're From


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