The Best Downloads and Printables for Genealogy

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a genealogy expert, it’s nice to have access to some cool downloadable templates to get the job done faster and easier. They’re especially handy because they’re easy to get – but which are the best?

The best genealogy downloads can be obtained across a variety of websites and Pinterest boards. Many of the free-to-immediately downloads are pretty basic – with the best ones available to newsletter subscribers.

We have a whole library of downloads for you, too. They’re totally free (and totally awesome) but they are exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. But here’s the great news – the newsletter (full of updates, awesome findings, and genealogy tips) is also 100% free.

Exclusive Downloads (free to newsletter subscribers)

We have a growing library of free downloads available for our newsletter subscribers.

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Here are some of the exclusive downloads available to subscribers:

  • Family Tree Worksheet
  • Family Group Worksheet
  • Genealogy To-Do List (no more getting lost in the rabbit hole!)
  • Genealogy Research Tracker
  • Cousins Relationship Calculator (infographic)
  • Cousin Chart
  • and more!

Okay, so it’s a work in progress. And if there’s a downloadable worksheet you’d like added to this list, please let us know (so we can make it happen!). Just drop us an email – click here to contact us.

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