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  • Family History Resources for Young Latter-day Saints

    Family history is one of the ways that our prophet has asked us to help gather scattered Israel. That means helping ourselves, our family here on earth, and our family who has died to come to Jesus Christ. As you can imagine, that happens in so many different ways! Keep reading for more ideas on […]

  • Cost Analysis of Hiring a Genealogist – with Quotes

    When you’re thinking about doing genealogy and you get stuck, it’s totally normal to wonder about hiring an expert to help you get things done. But how much will that cost you – and what will you get out of it? Hiring an individual genealogist costs an average of $65 per hour while hiring a […]

  • When Should I Hire a Genealogist? What You Need to Know Now

    As you’re doing your own family history, it’s easy to get stuck. When you get stuck it’s normal to wonder if you need to hire a professional. But when do you actually need to hire a genealogist? Hire a genealogist when the need for genealogy answers outweighs the ability or availability to do things yourself […]

  • The Best Genealogy Software by Price and Usability

    When you first start out with genealogy, you’re going to need a place to store all of your information. But what is the best way to do that? What is the best genealogy software – by price and usability? Some of the best genealogy software is made by FamilySearch, Ancestry, and MyHeritage, though there are […]

  • Genealogy Centers to Know About: Free, Low-Cost, and Nearby

    When you’re doing genealogy, sometimes you just get stuck or need some help. That’s when having an online or local genealogy center might come in handy. But where do you find free (or low-cost) genealogy centers when you need them? Genealogy centers can be online hubs or physical library locations. Libraries can be locally-run entities […]

  • Are there Free Genealogy Websites? 12 Free Sites to Bookmark

    When I was first getting into genealogy, it was mostly out of a sense of obligation (I was still learning to love it). So I didn’t want to pay for access to the good resources. Which made me wonder – are there good, free genealogy websites? There are loads of free genealogy websites. These free […]

  • The Best Genealogy Podcasts to Enjoy and Where to Find Them

    When you’re trying to learn about any topic, including genealogy, sometimes it’s easiest to immerse yourself in the topic. So what are the best genealogy podcasts – and where can you find them? The best genealogy podcast, of the dozens available, is whichever one helps you with your specific questions, needs, and inspires you in […]

  • Which Genealogy Test is Best? (Answers and Why)

    Have you ever done a quick search for genealogy and DNA tests? There are a ton of options! So which one is the best – and why? Breanne and I sat down to research this – and here is what we came up with. The best general and overall genealogy test is the atDNA […]

  • Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    With so many websites out there, it can be confusing wondering where to plant your metaphorical family tree. So I asked Breanne which genealogy site is best – and why. Her answer was a very solid, “It depends.” The best genealogy site depends on your research needs and budget. is the best free option. […]

  • Genealogy Education: What You Need and Where to Get it

    Genealogy Education: What You Need and Where to Get it

    As I’ve been researching my family’s genealogy and writing here about genealogy, I’ve often felt like I should have more formal education. But do I really need a degree? I talked to Breanne, who is getting a formal genealogy education and already knows a ton more than I do. Genealogy education can be obtained online […]