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  • How Accurate is Mormon Genealogy?

    Growing up, I assumed that all records were both boring and infallibly correct. As it turns out, not all records are boring – and it’s important to question the validity of every record. How accurate are Mormon records? Mormon genealogy records are based on a shared database, which means there can be errors due to […]

  • Ancestry: How Far Back Do Records Actually Go?

    While indexing isn’t one of my favorite activities, I know it’s important because it creates digital access to vital records. But how far back do ancestry and genealogy records actually go? And how far back can I expect to find genealogy records? The earliest genealogical records are from China in 1500 B.C. European-based records go […]

  • Cost Analysis of Hiring a Genealogist – with Quotes

    When you’re thinking about doing genealogy and you get stuck, it’s totally normal to wonder about hiring an expert to help you get things done. But how much will that cost you – and what will you get out of it? Hiring an individual genealogist costs an average of $65 per hour while hiring a […]

  • When Should I Hire a Genealogist? What You Need to Know Now

    As you’re doing your own family history, it’s easy to get stuck. When you get stuck it’s normal to wonder if you need to hire a professional. But when do you actually need to hire a genealogist? Hire a genealogist when the need for genealogy answers outweighs the ability or availability to do things yourself […]

  • Genealogy Centers to Know About: Free, Low-Cost, and Nearby

    When you’re doing genealogy, sometimes you just get stuck or need some help. That’s when having an online or local genealogy center might come in handy. But where do you find free (or low-cost) genealogy centers when you need them? Genealogy centers can be online hubs or physical library locations. Libraries can be locally-run entities […]

  • What is Forensic Genealogy? 5 Things to Know Now

    While genealogy is amazingly cool, the first time I heard that it could be used to find living people and relatives blew my mind. And it made me wonder – what is forensic genealogy? Forensic genealogy studies evidence left by deceased individuals in order to find specific, still-living individuals of interest for various reasons. This […]

  • Who Buys Genealogy Books – and Where to Find Them

    While doing genealogy research online, sometimes I’ll still hit a brick wall – because as fun as online research is, genealogy is still a study based around archives and books. So, who buys genealogy books (references and/or published history books) – and where do we find them? Genealogy books are used and purchased by genealogists […]

  • Genealogy: History, Discovery, and Why it Matters

    Sometimes, knowing the historical background of a thing can help that thing make more sense. So what is the history of genealogy? When was it discovered? Why was it important then? And why does it matter today? Genealogy has been tracked and recorded with history since humanity first started collecting and sharing stories. Genealogy and […]

  • Who Studies Genealogy – and Why They Do

    The more time I spend doing genealogy, the more I wonder who else is studying genealogy. Then I can’t help but wonder why others study genealogy. So who studies genealogy – and why are we doing it? People who study genealogy (called genealogists) come from all ages, backgrounds, and areas. While genealogists used to be […]

  • Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    With so many websites out there, it can be confusing wondering where to plant your metaphorical family tree. So I asked Breanne which genealogy site is best – and why. Her answer was a very solid, “It depends.” The best genealogy site depends on your research needs and budget. is the best free option. […]