How Accurate is Mormon Genealogy?

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Growing up, I assumed that all records were both boring and infallibly correct. As it turns out, not all records are boring – and it’s important to question the validity of every record. How accurate are Mormon records? Mormon genealogy records are based on a shared database, which means there can be errors due to … Read more

Ancestry: How Far Back Do Records Actually Go?

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While indexing isn’t one of my favorite activities, I know it’s important because it creates digital access to vital records. But how far back do ancestry and genealogy records actually go? And how far back can I expect to find genealogy records? The earliest genealogical records are from China in 1500 B.C. European-based records go … Read more

Genealogy Centers to Know About: Free, Low-Cost, and Nearby

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When you’re doing genealogy, sometimes you just get stuck or need some help. That’s when having an online or local genealogy center might come in handy. But where do you find free (or low-cost) genealogy centers when you need them? Genealogy centers can be online hubs or physical library locations. Libraries can be locally-run entities … Read more