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  • Verifying Family Temple Work is Done: the Simpler Way

    Doing temple work is an amazing blessing. However, we don’t want to keep doing (and redoing) somebody’s work – we want to be able to keep moving forward in our temple work efforts. So how do we verify that temple work is done? FamilySearch uses a simple, color-coded system to indicate temple work status. Users […]

  • 11 Ways to Help Youth Learn to Love Doing Genealogy

    Teaching youth to love things takes a good bit of talent, inspiration, and knowing how to make it relevant. So how do you help youth learn to love doing genealogy and family history? Are there any special tricks to know? To inspire the youth to love genealogy and connect with family, make it fun. Help […]

  • Family History with Kids: Simple Ways to Make it Fun

    When you’ve got small kids – and you want to get them involved in their family history or genealogy – how do you make family history fun for them? Is it even possible to make family history with kids a fun and enjoyable activity for anyone? Family history can be fun and involve kids of […]

  • 35 Inspiring Family History and Temple Work Quotes

    Looking for something to inspire you to get cracking on your family history and temple work? Here are 35 fantastic family history and temple work quotes to get you going on your genealogy. The best genealogy, family history, and temple work quotes inspire us to do more, learn more, and be better – both as […]