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  • How to Find an Ancestor Who Changed Their Name

    How to Find an Ancestor Who Changed Their Name

    Why did our ancestors change their names? They changed their names for several reasons, making it harder for us to find them. So, let’s put on a detective hat and channel our inner Hercule Poirot to get to the bottom of the case of finding an ancestor who changed their name. Finding an ancestor who […]

  • Genealogy Centers to Know About: Free, Low-Cost, and Nearby

    When you’re doing genealogy, sometimes you just get stuck or need some help. That’s when having an online or local genealogy center might come in handy. But where do you find free (or low-cost) genealogy centers when you need them? Genealogy centers can be online hubs or physical library locations. Libraries can be locally-run entities […]

  • What is Family Genealogy? Guide with FAQs

    Recently, someone asked me what family genealogy was. I stumbled for a moment because I thought the obvious answer had to be the wrong one. So, I texted Breanne to confirm the answer. What is family genealogy? Family genealogy is the study of your family’s lineage. A family’s genealogy is more limited than general genealogy, […]

  • What is a Pedigree Chart in Genealogy? 13 Things to Know

    There’s an awful lot of new terms when doing genealogy to learn. And one of those new vocabulary words is a pedigree chart. But what is a pedigree chart in genealogy? And what do I need to know about it right now? A pedigree chart in genealogy is a diagram used to visualize the direct […]

  • How Do I Start Doing Genealogy? A Beginner’s Guide

    When you’re first starting out, genealogy is such a big topic that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. We remember feeling that way at first, too! So how do you start doing genealogy – without getting so overwhelmed you want to quit? To start doing genealogy: Identify a single question or a research goal. Write […]

  • Which Genealogy Test is Best? (Answers and Why)

    Have you ever done a quick search for genealogy and DNA tests? There are a ton of options! So which one is the best – and why? Breanne and I sat down to research this – and here is what we came up with. The best general and overall genealogy test is the atDNA […]

  • Genealogy vs Ancestry: Differences and Why They Matter

    As a self-proclaimed word nerd and genealogist, I began to wonder if there was a difference between the terms genealogy and ancestry. What do they each mean? How are they different? And does it even matter? Genealogy vs Ancestry: Ancestry is the line of people who come before you in your family line (forefathers or […]

  • Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    Which Genealogy Site is Best and Why

    With so many websites out there, it can be confusing wondering where to plant your metaphorical family tree. So I asked Breanne which genealogy site is best – and why. Her answer was a very solid, “It depends.” The best genealogy site depends on your research needs and budget. is the best free option. […]