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  • What is Forensic Genealogy? 5 Things to Know Now

    While genealogy is amazingly cool, the first time I heard that it could be used to find living people and relatives blew my mind. And it made me wonder – what is forensic genealogy? Forensic genealogy studies evidence left by deceased individuals in order to find specific, still-living individuals of interest for various reasons. This […]

  • What is Family Genealogy? Guide with FAQs

    Recently, someone asked me what family genealogy was. I stumbled for a moment because I thought the obvious answer had to be the wrong one. So, I texted Breanne to confirm the answer. What is family genealogy? Family genealogy is the study of your family’s lineage. A family’s genealogy is more limited than general genealogy, […]

  • Are there Free Genealogy Websites? 12 Free Sites to Bookmark

    When I was first getting into genealogy, it was mostly out of a sense of obligation (I was still learning to love it). So I didn’t want to pay for access to the good resources. Which made me wonder – are there good, free genealogy websites? There are loads of free genealogy websites. These free […]

  • The Best Genealogy Podcasts to Enjoy and Where to Find Them

    When you’re trying to learn about any topic, including genealogy, sometimes it’s easiest to immerse yourself in the topic. So what are the best genealogy podcasts – and where can you find them? The best genealogy podcast, of the dozens available, is whichever one helps you with your specific questions, needs, and inspires you in […]

  • What is a Pedigree Chart in Genealogy? 13 Things to Know

    There’s an awful lot of new terms when doing genealogy to learn. And one of those new vocabulary words is a pedigree chart. But what is a pedigree chart in genealogy? And what do I need to know about it right now? A pedigree chart in genealogy is a diagram used to visualize the direct […]

  • How Do I Start Doing Genealogy? A Beginner’s Guide

    When you’re first starting out, genealogy is such a big topic that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. We remember feeling that way at first, too! So how do you start doing genealogy – without getting so overwhelmed you want to quit? To start doing genealogy: Identify a single question or a research goal. Write […]

  • Why Do People Study Genealogy? A Complete Guide

    I know why I study genealogy – and Breanne knows why she does. But we’ve definitely wondered why other people study it, too. So why do people study genealogy? What are all of the possible reasons? People study genealogy for any and all reasons, including education, entertainment, knowledge, understanding, therapy, religious beliefs, unknown reasons, and […]

  • Who Buys Genealogy Books – and Where to Find Them

    While doing genealogy research online, sometimes I’ll still hit a brick wall – because as fun as online research is, genealogy is still a study based around archives and books. So, who buys genealogy books (references and/or published history books) – and where do we find them? Genealogy books are used and purchased by genealogists […]

  • Which Genealogy Test is Best? (Answers and Why)

    Have you ever done a quick search for genealogy and DNA tests? There are a ton of options! So which one is the best – and why? Breanne and I sat down to research this – and here is what we came up with. The best general and overall genealogy test is the atDNA […]

  • Genetic Genealogy: a Complete and Helpful Beginner’s Guide

    Lately, Breanne and I have been studying more about DNA and genetic genealogy. We’re nurses, so we’re suckers for a good, scientific angle. But what exactly is genetic genealogy? And why is it so revolutionary and helpful? Genetic genealogy uses DNA combined with other genealogical evidence to prove ancestral relationships. By combining DNA results with […]