How Do Family Trees Work with Cousins?

Some of my best memories growing up involve my cousins. They’re amazing people and I’m lucky they’re part of my family – but where do they fit in my family tree? How do family trees work with cousins? Cousins aren’t traditionally included in a family tree. However, expanded family trees can be built to include … Read more

How Many Generations Ago Was America Founded?

Image of United States' Constitution and Declaration of Independence on a flag background

It’s fun to find ways to connect your family to historical events. One way to do that is by comparing time in generations instead of years. How many generations ago was America founded? America was founded in 1776, which is between 7 and 10 generations ago (depending on the definition of generation used). A family’s … Read more

Genealogy in the Bible: What it is and Where to Find it

image of a holy bible placed on top of a printed papers with words from the bible

When reading the Bible, there’s an awful lot of names mentioned. Some of them are mentioned in passing while others are listed in a genealogical frenzy. So what is Biblical genealogy – and where can you find it? Genealogy in the Bible is listed to show relation, inheritance, priesthood power, and that God is the … Read more