Do Schools Keep Records of Past Students?

image of a clean classroom

With the 2020 school year being as crazy as it has been (thank you, coronavirus pandemic), Breanne and I began to wonder about past school years, school records, and what records get kept. Do schools keep records of past students? Schools generally keep records for 2-3 years after a student leaves the school or graduates … Read more

How Far Back Do Surnames Go? A Brief History

image of the word surname written in small square wood

Last names are a lot of fun – but sometimes they aren’t super easy to track. Then again, it’s also a lot easier to track family history when you’ve got a family surname to help you make sure you’ve got the right Charles! So how far back do surnames go? Surnames in China date back … Read more

Are All People with the Same Last Name Related?

image of color green hello my name card with the hand of a man at the background holding it

While dating my now-husband, it made me laugh when people asked him if he was related to famous people with his same last name. Now that we’re married, though, I’m getting that same question about being related to other Starrs. Are all people with the same last name related? Spoiler alert: no. Two people with … Read more

When Did Your Ancestors Come to America? Let’s Find Out!

Image focused on the face of the Statue of Liberty at New York City

Thanks to statistics and how history played out, the odds are that your family hasn’t been in America for more than a few hundred years at most. This means that, at some point, someone in your family line immigrated to America. When did my ancestors come to America? Immigrants to the United States are usually … Read more