Genetic Genealogy: a Complete and Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Image of a blackboard with a hand and writing about DNA

Lately, Breanne and I have been studying more about DNA and genetic genealogy. We’re nurses, so we’re suckers for a good, scientific angle. But what exactly is genetic genealogy? And why is it so revolutionary and helpful? Genetic genealogy uses DNA combined with other genealogical evidence to prove ancestral relationships. By combining DNA results with … Read more

Genealogy: History, Discovery, and Why it Matters

Image of antique nib pen and inwell, on a page of 18th century text.

Sometimes, knowing the historical background of a thing can help that thing make more sense. So what is the history of genealogy? When was it discovered? Why was it important then? And why does it matter today? Genealogy has been tracked and recorded with history since humanity first started collecting and sharing stories. Genealogy and … Read more

Genealogy vs Ancestry: Differences and Why They Matter

Image of old books, newspaper, photos on vintage

As a self-proclaimed word nerd and genealogist, I began to wonder if there was a difference between the terms genealogy and ancestry. What do they each mean? How are they different? And does it even matter? Genealogy vs Ancestry: Ancestry is the line of people who come before you in your family line (forefathers or … Read more

Who Likes Genealogy (People, Historians, Scientists, et al)

Image of little boy hugging an old book and looking so happy

When I can get into a family history groove, I really enjoy doing genealogy. But sometimes, I can’t help but wonder: who likes doing genealogy? Why do they like doing genealogy? And do these genealogist fans find some benefit to doing their family history? While those who like genealogy used to be primarily older adults, … Read more